About the Captains

Captain Jim Sabella

Some of my earliest memories are of fish and fishing.

I count myself lucky to have been born on an island where you could not get further than 12 miles from saltwater. My grandparents had a house within sight of the Great South Bay and my summers were spent fishing, clamming, on its waters (mostly fishing). I would wake up every morning early before the rest of the house and walk down to the water and fish as long as I could. Topsail Beach Fishing CaptianMy grandfather would make periodic trips throughout the day to bring me food, drinks, and make sure that I was still around. Today I know that I have the “fever” and it still burns as hot as it did in my childhood.

As I grew my methods and skills also grew. From those early days of snapper blues, flounder, and weakfish I moved up to the pelagic species. I went for sharks, and tuna, spending the time fishing in tournaments and commercially fishing for giant bluefin tuna. After spending the days on the blue water I would spend nights surfcasting for striped bass and bluefish, trading a warm bed for the cold cab of my pick-up. At this time I was working in a tackle shop and saltwater fly fishing was becoming popular and it overtook me. I stopped chasing the big boys and got down to catching fish on the fly. It was a great time and roundabout brought me to my present career.

In 1997 I came down to Wrightsville Beach for the first time and while fly casting from the beach I caught a few Spanish mackerel and decided that this area would be my home. Two years later I was here and a year after that I was working for another captain, the following year I began to run my own boat. It has been a great adventure that gets better every day. I hope that you can come along with me and share my love for the sea, catch a few fish, and get a glimpse of what makes some people want to follow the water. I look forward to guiding you to a fun filled day on the water.

Captain John Mallete

Plan 9 Fishing Charters is pleased to announce the addition of Captain John Mallette to our team! Captain John is a first class captain, angler, and long time friend and mentor, and is dedicated to making your day on the water safe, enjoyable, and memorable.

Captain John was born in Southeastern North Carolina and grew up on Topsail Island, he has spent his entire life commercial fishing, tournament fishing, captaining private fishing boats and charter fishing both here and around the world. John is locally recognized by many fishing clubs and organizations as knowledgeable speaker and does many seminars to help other anglers improve their success rate. John’s commercial fishing experience as a grouper fisherman gives him unique training in making your bottom fishing trips a success. John is an accomplished tuna and wahoo fisherman with many successful trips under his belt, he is available for private gulf stream charters on your boat to help you with his secrets and techniques to maximize your catch. John’s local knowledge and customer interaction are what makes him a great addition to our team and key to a successful and fun day on the water.

John is a U.S.C.G. licensed 100 ton Master, and is insured, and carries the experience to make your day memorable. He is responsible, dependable, and focused on his clients both beginner and expert alike to provide you with lasting memories and exciting trips. I am honored to have John as a member of our team!